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Saturday Six

What. A. Week, you guys. All of us were super sick pretty much all week and it was impossible to get anything done! Our little apartment is a mess, we're still all sick, and I have TONS of studying to do (so naturally I'm writing this post instead). BUT, with all of that being said, I still think it's important to reflect on the good things and pick out my six things that were wonderful about the week. 
1. Banana Bread: You all know I am a frequent banana bread maker, but this time it was SO GOOD! Usually I sub flour and sugar and fun extras like chocolate chips for coconut flour, coconut sugar, and a berry or walnut. This time, though, I decided to treat the fam. I used this recipe by SimplyRecipes and added mini chocolate chips. It was definitely the best banana bread we've had in a while- probably because it really wasn't healthy at all. This is my formal warning: this week was DEFINITELY an entire cheat week. 🙈

2. Yerba mate tea: Like I said, the whole family…

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